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Beautiful Villa on sale in a calm Region at pointe aux cannonier. Price : Rs 9.9 Million
VA Properties Ltd.
VA properties Ltd,now open at l'esperance Trebuchet. Tel: +0230 264 9454.
Area Conversion Table
1 Hectare = 2,37 arpents
1 Arpent = 4220,87m2
1 Arpent = 100 perches
1 Perche = 42,2087m2
1 Perche = 11,11 Toises
1 Toise = 3,799m2
VA Properties (Properties-In-Mauritius) is the largest website dedicated to buying property in Mauritius, selling and renting Mauritian real estate as well as offering property management services, landscaping services for Mauritian property, construction and renovation services. Whether you are looking for the first time into buying a home in Mauritius Island, buying or renting a luxury family villa, office space, a hotel or land for sale we have a comprehensive up-to-date listing of all types of land and property both for sale and rent in Mauritius. VA Properties (Properties-In-Mauritius) is a registered company in Mauritius, we act as an estate agent and portal through which you can view and compare many properties around Mauritius, taking away the need to do time consuming searches through many different websites and newspapers. We also act as a resource centre providing Mauritius property management solutions and contacts allowing you to find the right people to help you buy and sell your home including Mauritian estate agents, financial advisors, mortgage providers, solicitors, surveyors, removal companies, craftsmen and DIY stores. Are you looking for the property in Mauritius? We are ready to help you with the search of property in Mauritius.

The properties and land listed are from both estate agents and private sellers and developers in Mauritius allowing you to find whatever you are looking for whether you are interested in small holiday apartments in Mauritius, land for sale in Mauritius (for private or commercial development), family bungalows for sale by the beach, opportunities to buy or rent hotels providing you with a new business venture, or if you are simply looking for rented accommodation our list of options and solutions will simplify your experience of buying or renting in Mauritius allowing you more time to relax and enjoy your new home. As VA Properties (PropertiesInMauritius.com) is part of VA Group, we can also assist you in obtaining finance, structuring business plans and in the formation of a Mauritian company which is required for certain property acquisitions.

VA Properties (Properties-In-Mauritius) provides Property Management Services, helping you look after your property to maximize its financial potential. We can help with an array of services which can be selected depending on your needs, such services include rental, exposing your property to an international market of potential short- and long-term tenants; maintenance of property and grounds maintenance including swimming pool maintenance; payment of utilities and management of finances; management of day-to-day tenant queries, taking all the hard work out of renting your property. VA Properties (Properties-In-Mauritius) undertakes construction and renovation projects around Mauritius. With several years of experience in this field and a reliable construction team you can rely on us to complete your project on time and on budget and to the high standard you should expect. Use our landscaping services to complete your project and give it that extra edge giving you the dream Mauritian property you desired. Using our services you will see that a beautifully landscaped garden is not as expensive as it sounds, ask us for a quote to see what we can do for you!
Mauritian property can be divided into several categories. Firstly usage: Land in Mauritius is divided into 3 categories - Residential, Commercial and Agricultural - when purchasing land be careful as to its current status, to change the status an application needs to be made but only in certain circumstances can the status be changed i.e. it is unlikely you'd be able to build a house on agricultural land. Secondly is the consideration of who can buy the property. Most properties in Mauritius can only be bought by permanent residents/citizens of Mauritius, if you are not a Mauritian citizen you can only purchase property on RES or IRS developments, these are usually of a very high standard and in great locations, the choice of property is vast from small apartments to spacious villas. Please be aware that this is the only way to legally own a Mauritian property. All other ways are loopholes to property law and should these be amended you could lose your entire investment as you will not be legally entitled to the property you purchased, be very careful of anyone who tells you otherwise.

The third consideration is whether property is on lease hold or freehold land. Nearly all beachfront land is leasehold and hence subject to annual fees/taxes - freehold beach-front land is rare and should be highly sought after if the location is good.